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Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co. is a trusted specialty contractor in fireproofing construction, based in Spokane Valley, Washington. Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co. has provided reliable, industry-approved sprayed applied fireproofing and spray-on acoustical finishes since the company’s foundation in 1985. In 1991, the company began applying foamed masonry insulation and intumescent mastic fireproofing – two innovative techniques that have served thousands of customers well. Services we offer include:

• Spray applied fireproofing
• Intumescent fireproofing
• Abatement respray
• Foamed masonry insulation
• Cellulose spray
• Polyurethane foam insulation

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co. is more than just a corporation. We’re a group of people with a mission to save lives, save energy, and keep people warm and cool using top techniques and technologies. Clients we’ve helped include commercial construction companies, schools, hospitals, hotels, assisted living facilities, warehouses, prisons, and waste water treatment plants throughout Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Family Owned Since 1985

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co. is proud to be a family-owned and operated company in Spokane Valley, WA servicing Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Jerry Kienbaum started the company back in 1985 with the goal of saving and improving lives. Jerry had a vision of helping customers fireproof their businesses, save energy, and optimize comfort with safe and powerful insulation solutions. He and other principal officers of the company have worked in the industry since 1973.

Today, Jerry’s son Wayne Keinbaum continues the legacy as President, Project Manager, and Estimator at Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co. He has over 32 years of experience and grew up in the industry. Meet the rest of our dedicated team.

Wayne Kienbaum

Wayne Kienbaum

President / Project Manager

32 years’ experience




Tim Ovnicek

Tim Ovnicek

Vice President / Superintendent

22 years’ experience

Brad Hardy

Brad Hardy

Chief Estimator / Project Manager

11 years’ experience

Erin Ramsey

Erin Ramsey

Office Manager

21 years’ experience

Taylor Kienbaum

Taylor Kienbaum

Corporate Secretary

10 years’ experience


Our team is committed to providing top-quality life safety (fireproofing) construction to commercial customers. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We can discuss your individual fireproofing and insulation needs and provide a price quote. At Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co., we know we have what you need for safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.



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